Passionate about people & technology?

Make an Impact. Join our team.

Open PositionsWho We Are

Passionate about people & technology?

Make an Impact. Join our team.

Open PositionsWho We Are

Who We Are

Here at CARE Digital, we strive to provide fundamental support to a global effort. We are looking to add innovative, dedicated, and dynamic people to our Digital department. Make an impact. Join our team.

Our Mission

We help to achieve CARE’s goals by critically evaluating relevant problems and enacting smart solutions. In short, we help CARE use digital technology to help people.

Our Vision

With a solid digital foundation, CARE leads the humanitarian sector in using technology to scale programs for impact.

Our Values

Be the change we seek

Each day we have the opportunity – and obligation – to make the positive impact we desire by simply doing great work. We aspire to represent the world we serve – globally diverse, passionate and joyful.

Share knowledge

We communicate clearly, intentionally, directly and frequently. We are open and proactive in our communications. We focus on providing information in a helpful format and context for the recipient.

Empathize with people

User needs are at the core of everything we do. We value our work in terms of how it helps people. We evaluate our work by answering from the start, “What does success look like?”, and build towards achieving that success with our users.

Serve the cause

CARE addresses the world’s most vexing humanitarian challenges. Every Digital effort must serve this mission by providing a solid foundation to operate from, the right tools to work with, and a simple, reliable support structure.


We take initiative to propose, evaluate and enact smart solutions, not point out problems. Each of us lead by providing recommendations. We are empowered to make decisions in a safe space to try different approaches and improve with lessons learned. We back up what we say by delivering: We ship useful solutions to users quickly and iterate to improve.

Make it fun!

People in the most impoverished and marginalized communities in the world find reasons to smile; we can, too. Focusing on ways to enjoy our work and each other makes us a more creative, better fulfilled and happier, stronger team.